Outdoor Wedding Games

Outdoor Wedding Games

While wedding ceremonies and receptions are always filled with food, drinks, music, and dancing, sometimes it’s nice to add some outdoor games to keep guests entertained. Games provide guests with a fun and interactive way to socialise and celebrate especially if you have a number of groups that don’t know each other.

We’ve put together a few ideas of the best outdoor games that have kept guests talking at the Manor Estate:


Cornhole is a classic game that is perfect for outdoor wedding parties. This game involves tossing bean bags onto a slanted board with a hole in it. The game is easy to learn, and people of all ages can play. We have seen couples make bespoke boards with the their names or wedding date on the boards – they look great!

Giant Jenga:

Giant Jenga is a fun game that involves stacking wooden blocks in a tower and taking turns removing blocks without causing the tower to fall. This game is perfect for wedding parties because it can accommodate a large group of people and requires no special skills or physical ability.


Skittles is a classic lawn game that has been enjoyed for centuries. It involves rolling a total of three balls into a collection of skittles and trying to knock over as many skittles as possible. This game is perfect for wedding parties because it is easy to learn and requires minimal equipment. We hire out our vintage set and it’s always popular.

Connect Four:

Giant Connect Four is a fun game that involves strategically placing coloured discs in a vertical board to try and get four in a row. This game is perfect for wedding parties because it is easy to learn, and people of all ages can play.

Giant Chess:

Giant Chess is a fun game that involves moving large chess pieces across a large outdoor board. This game is perfect for wedding parties and looks fantastic in photos.


Croquet at weddings adds a touch of English elegance. The game’s gentle pace encourages guests to mingle and engage in friendly competition while offering a unique and photo-worthy activity. We hire out a croquet set if couples wish to add it to their day!

Mini Golf:

Mini Golf is a fantastic game for all age groups and is perfect for wedding parties because it can involve a lot of people at one time! Bournemouth Crazy Golf Hire are regularly at the Estate and even offer different styles for a range of events.

Lazer Clay Shooting:

Lazer Clay Shooting involves real guns without the cartridges and gun kick-back! Six guests at a time battle it out to shoot via lazer as many clays as possible without missing. Warning this gets very competitive! Clayzer offer an excellent set up with friendly staff on hand throughout the day.

Outdoor games are a great way to keep guests entertained and engaged during wedding parties especially your drinks reception – and your photographer will love capturing the competitive engagement of your guests. Whether you choose classic games like cornhole and skittles or more unique games like mini golf and lazer clay shooting, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, get outside, have some fun, and make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

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